Official: Google Chrome 69 kills off the World Wide Web (in URLs)


Fair enough, dont set up a www version or redirect it to the naked domain, but dont hide it.

If my mail address was @mail.something I’d equally expect it to be properly displayed.

As I wrote earlier I am not arguing one necessarily needs to have a www host, but if they do have the decency to accept that and display it in your software.


I’m thinking Google wants to eventually get rid of the url bar all together. Your home page is google search, and don’t worry about the rest, they’ll send you to the proper sites with your best interests in mind. Not at all profit driven.


Apparently for the time being,

But it seems to come back in a couple of weeks.

I am afraid what @jules wrote is most likely whats happening. Google is out to get hold of your URLs :sunglasses:


“large sites”… those with “large” AdWords accounts? Correlation is not causality :roll_eyes:

Being in an old man cynical crotchety mood this week, I’ll predict this…

  • Chrome will give the option to hide the url bar.
  • Chrome will strongly highlight the option to hide the url bar.
  • A man will sue Nabisco for health problems related to eating “All Stuf Oreo”.
  • Chrome will hide the url bar by default and give the option to unhide it.


This week? I am all year round in that mood :grimacing:

  • Chrome will remove the option to unhide it
  • Google renames Chrome to Google World®


Unpinned since google rolled back though it won’t last forever.



Rolled back for six weeks only though :slight_smile:


Yeah i know. I just want to prevent any kind of confusion.
We can pin this again when Google starts the second round.