Office 365 Update your nameservers

Hi all my domain registrar is Go daddy the rest is with Cloudflare.

I have just purchased some office 365 accounts and when I get to the set up your domain page I get the following error.

NS records One or more of these records haven’t been added correctly yet. I also get the following below.

(Just to add i have already tried to add new NS records on cloudflare but still get the below. I have also attached two screen shots from MS and CF.


So there are two ways of connecting a domain. The first is what you appear to be doing, which is changing the nameservers to Microsoft then they manage the domain. You would need to change the name servers from the registrar to get that no set records. However this removes your ability to use cloudflare on your sites.

The second method, which I recommend, that you can get a txt record that you set to verify your domain and you just add it the Cloudflare. This allows you to keep using Cloudflare’s services.

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