Office 365 Not connecting To DNS

I am the office manager/IT person of the company. We have recently been switched over from Network Solutions to CloudFare.
The domain that had control of our email is no longer available, so I am needing to get everyone in the company to Microsoft Office 365. In order to do this I was told I need to “ask the admin” which is CloudFare.
I have the TXT name TXT value and TTL.
I have also already uploaded this information to the CloudFare DNS. But it is not communicating.
I keep pressing the “okay i’ve added the record” on Microsoft Office but it is giving me an error saying “We didn’t find the record you added for If you just added this record please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the change to be replicated through the system, sometimes it can take significantly longer depending on your registrar.”

Here is the ticket number from CloudFare Support

Which record are you supposed to set up and can you post a screenshot of what you configured on Cloudflare?

It is the one that says 1 HR

Hmm, it does return a TXT record with an “MS=” prefixed value, however with a different value.

Are these two TXT records the only ones you have?

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That’s the only one I have. What record is different? the MS= numbers are the same.

This is what is showing up…

Do you need the 467 entry as well? If not, I’d only keep the D6E entry and switch the TTL to Auto.

I just found out some stuff from the person who sold our domain… I have to do a few things first… If it still doesn’t work I will get back to you! Thank YOU!

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