Office 365 MX Record disables domain email

I am currently using Office 365 through Cloudflares’ NS records. The MX record for my account at Office 365 points the

The issue is that because our MX record points of, all the other users in our domain cannot access their email.

We have tried to set up a connector in Office 365 Admin panel, and although the tests show successful, no email is received. We are caught between our host insisting we change the NS records away from Cloudflare, and Microsoft telling us that it it impossible to have some users on Office 365, and others on our hosted domain.

I have trouble believing that this is a situation unique to myself, and there is no alternative solution.

Mx records work at the domain level… there is no per user email address record. Is your connector configuration this?

It’s really more of a Microsoft question but what happens with that config to mail sent to the other users or mail you send to them?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

We have configured the connector, and it tested successfully, but emails were never reaching their end target.

When sending an actual email, we would get an Office 365 bounce-back that says “soandso” does not exist at “



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