Office 365 Exchange Administration DKIM CNAME records not recognized by Microsoft


Hi all!

I use Office 365 to host my companies mail server, the DNS of which is controlled by CloudFlare. I am currently trying to add DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) authentication to my outgoing mail.

The way to do this (according to Microsoft) is to add 2 CNAME records to your DNS record (removed company name for confidentiality):

Host name:

Points to address or value:

TTL: 3600

Host name:

Points to address or value:

TTL: 3600

I did this about 2 days ago, however for some reason I am still not able to enable DKIM authentication in the Office 365 Exhange Admin portal, which throws the error message that the CNAME records can’t be found.

I opened up a ticket with Microsoft who couldn’t resolve my issue, and suggested that I asked you guys instead. So here I am!

Does anyone have any experience with setting up DKIM authentication behind CloudFlare? If so, did you face these same issues?

All help is greatly appreciated!


:wave: @user787

Make sure that in the DNS control panel those records are not set to proxy though Cloudflare (orange) but are instead gray.