Office 365 errors

My Office 365 suddenly stopped working today. On the phone to Microsoft who have shown errors in the DNS settings. Completed the auto fix - the records look great but are not working at all. I realise that there is some delay with DNS settings but they surely should have resolved in 24 hrs? I tried to log a support ticket with Cloudflare but support seems to be down. Any work going on that would effect this?

DNS changes should go live within 5 minutes. “Stopped working” is difficult to diagnose. Is there a specific error?

If the regular support system isn’t working for you, you can open a ticket through email using your account’s email address to: support AT cloudflare DOT com

My bad sorry - will raise that request as there a numerous errors showing in the Office 365 Admin Centre that seem never to resolve. Never had an issue before so thought maybe some maintenance was ongoing that would effect DNS.

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