Office 365 CNAME error

I have Cloudflare installed on hosted by VentraIP and run the with Office 365 accounts. MS 365 Admin Centre is reporting " Some of your DNS records aren’t set up correctly, which may be impacting your organization’s use of ‎Microsoft‎ services. Go to DNS records to review the errors and fix the records."
I have checked the records marked as errors against the Cloudflare DNS records and they seem to be the same.
I am also getting a “Not on Cloudflare” message on the Domains page.
I have added screenshots that may help!

Can someone point me to a solution! Thanks

Unproxy :grey: any Microsoft related DNS records.

This only tells you Cloudflare is not your registrar, you don’t have to do anything.


Thanks, that’s one problem solved!

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Done, and thanks again, especially for the very speedy response.

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