Offer custom domain names to my users


(forgive the … in domain examples, this form wont let me add links)

Hi there,

I’m working on a simple static web hosting service, using S3 SDK and CloudFlare API to create zones and buckets on the fly for users to host static websites on.

My DNS knowledge isn’t great, but I was hoping I could setup something like this:

My domain name (example) of is on CloudFlare.
Each user/site created via my app would get it’s own “endpoint” such as user…hosting…com would CNAME to the s3 bucket endpoint, such as my…custom…domain…s3-website-eu-west-1…amazonaws…com

Then, I would simple ask users to add a CNAME on their own domain (my…custom…domain), and point it at user≥.hosting…com, which would then route to the bucket.

I intended on having a CNAME in my CloudFlare account for every user, which worked when working with other CloudFlare accounts. But I see now that if they use another DNS service, such as Fasthosts, the CNAME fails as CloudFlare can’t understand where to point the domain name.

Is there a solution for this? I’ve seen something about managed CNAMEs which is enterprise only, then there’s also mention of partial CNAMEs for partners.

Would either of those work? or does anybody have any other ideas?

I hoped to use as many of CloudFlare’s features as possible (CDN, SSL, DdoS protection etc.) without needing to run any servers. In essence, I would simply be creating s3 buckets, with CloudFlare DNS, that users could point their own subdomain (or root domain) at.


This would probably be a great fit for our SSL for SaaS solution which allows your customer to CNAME a record to you and allows you to issue an SSL cert for their subdomain. You can then map that to an origin of your choice or for more complex mapping (such as to pools) allows for custom Edge code to do logic mapping based on a number of criteria that you could provide…

It doesn’t require your customer sign up for Cloudflare and you can automate the onboarding of the new customer using our API.

It is an Enterprise level feature (not standard even for ENT plans) so probably worth contacting our sales team to have a discussion of your needs to see what options might be available.


Thanks for your reply, is there no other option at all? Unfortunately the cost of the enterprise plan $5,000/month would make launching this product impossible…


Well pricing is always an interesting discussion… I’d recommend having a chat with the sales team about what you’re trying to achieve anyway just to see if it would even meet your needs.


Hi rsbadger15,

I’m the PM for SSL for SaaS. Would like to hear more about your use case.

Could you please drop me an email when you have a chance? I’m pat at