Odin.com root SSL certificate

Hi guys,

Just yesterday and today, setting up flexible SSL on a couple of websites I got this very suspicious and weird alert using Google Chrome after changing some settings in the domain SSL.

Google Chrome says: Warning: bad certificate, and if you take a look at the certificate it says it comes from ODIN.com from Russia.

After a few seconds that warning disappears and the correct SSL certificate from COMODO is shown. But this, really looks very strange, and it has happened twice at least between yesterday and today.

It looks really worrying… I don’t know if any russian hacker could be attacking Cloudflare somewhow.

Here you got a screenshot:

Your domain is not on Cloudflare to begin with. The nameservers point to somewhere else.

The certificate in question comes from your server.

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Thank you Sandro!
Sorry… My mistake! - I’m happy knowing it’s my mistake :slight_smile:

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