Odd/new issue with SSL configuration

I just had a customer transfer a domain to me to rebuild their website. I added it to Cloudflare as usual, and set up SSL through cloudflare and added it to GoDaddy (where the site is hosted) as usual, but I am still not getting passes on all SSL tests… I am getting an “Invalid Intermediate” error (see image)

The only difference in cloudflare configuration that I can see between this site and my other sites that are working fine, is under Edge Certificates it shows Certificate Authority as being Let’s Encrypt… I’ve never used Let’s Encrypt, why is it showing up and how can I fix the “no padlock” issue that I think is being caused by the other cert?

Thanks for any and all help!

I hope that’s not leftover from last week’s Let’s Encrypt root cert expiration. Does the site pass this test:

Do you see that warning on any of your other Cloudflare sites?

Do you know if any users are actually impacted by this?

The domain is markhallcabinetry.com and I’m still running the ssllabs.com tests. If I remove security exceptions the site gives you a warning on all browsers, and you can’t access it without adding an exception… I’ve been tinkering with this for a few days now with no idea as to why this is happening.

Which security exceptions? I’m able to get to the site right now:

That is so weird! I’ve tried three browsers and they all give me this:

If you click Advanced, it should show which certificate you’re actually getting.

I suspect your DNS (or a local hosts file) is sending you to the wrong place.

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I got 1020 Access Denied - due to your Firewall Rules, which I belive is good (obviously :orange: proxied via Cloudflare as it should be?).

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That might be the case as I do edit that file when working locally sometimes. I bet youre right again! Will let you know in a minute,

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@sdayman Yep that was it… Hard to remember everything when you’re a one-man show and getting old! Thanks again man!

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