Odd menu issue when turing on APO

Currently I have an odd issue when turning on APO.

With this turned on. The drop down arrow menu items on my site wont work (become unclickable) and the Google fonts also wont load in the menu (making the writing thinner and smaller)

I have done some testing and found some odd results

Test 1. If I create a page rule for “Cache all” using https:// www. mysite .com /* the same thing will happen. (this is with no apo and just a page rule)

Test 2. However, If I create a page rule for “Cache all” using https:// mysite .com /* I don’t get the menu issue (removing the www)

Test 3. Now. If I turn on APO this time “and” create a page rule for “bypass cache” https: www. mysite .com I wont have the described issue in the menu

Now. It’s worth noting here, The menu problem actually only happens on the front oage. All other pages are just fine if I turn APO just on its own.

The problem with my menu items on the front page not being clickable or dropping down and solving it by just using cache all for https: // mysite .com/* is that need to flush the whole Cloudflare cache everytime I make a new blog post. This is why I really need APO to work right

site URL in use ; www.techbusinesssnews. com .au

Could anyone shed some light? I have bee trying to solve this issue for many months


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