Odd behavior on 'cloud' CNAME record

I’m seeing odd behaviour, in that if I set up a proxied CNAME record for my custom domain with a prefix of ‘cloud’, it will not resolve. Any other prefix I have tried is working perfectly.
Is ‘cloud’ a reserved prefix or something like that?

Can you share a screenshot of the DNS panel? cloud is not a reserved name as far as I can see.

When you say “prefix” what do you mean? Something like cloud.example.com, or cloud-www.example.com, or cloud.www.example.com? The first two are normal, and should cause no issues. The third would not work with Universal SSL, and you will get an SSL error in browsers if you use a multi-level subdomain like that.

Just ‘cloud.hodnett.dev’.
Any other CNAME I can ping instantly.
I actually just checked, and I can ping ‘cloud’ now. It just took a very long time to propagate, when I was expecting proxied CNAMEs would be fairly quick.

Resolves for me:

dig cloud.hodnett.dev +short

Yep, as I said in my previous reply: It’s working now, it just took a while and my understanding was proxied CNAMEs should be pretty fast to propagate.
All good here now, moving on!

Sorry, I didn’t see that the issue had been resolved.