Odd behavior in using Families No Malware/Adult Content DNS

HI all, I am setting up and testing “ for Families”, specifically the Malware and Adult Content DNS URLs. This is at our home, and IPv6 is disabled - just IPv4. Our Netgear router has the Cloudflare DNS entries; devices point to the router for DNS.

I have tested the DNS use on a Mac and Windows, everything is great. But I noticed an odd behavior on iPhone and iPad, with Safari. If I do a browser search for a word that will conjure up say some adult content sites, and I click on the results, it’s blocked as it should be. Also, if I click on the malware testcategory or nudity testcategory Cloudflare test links, they are blocked too - great!

BUT - if I type in an adult web site name in the URL box in Safari, or if I type the malware testcategory URL, it fails. Adult web sites return a type of text only 1 column down the left site, I guess it’s the links that show up on the page. Now, if I click any of those links, they are blocked. But it seems that any site I can type its URL, I get some text-only site page in return - it is not blocked. If I type the malware testcategory URL, I get the image below, “If you expected this site to be blocked…” which seems to indicate it failed the test.

Since the DNS comes from the router, I did try manually setting DNS on the iPad and iPhone to the Cloudflare malware/adult content DNS URLs, with the same result).

So, why does typing in web sites fail in Safari on iOS/iPadOS, but clicking links works? Is this a setting I need to update or something? Thanks for your help!!

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