Occasional 1016 DNS Origin Errors

Hi all,

We are getting occasionally reports from clients for Error 1016 DNS Origin.

Isn’t this a little odd?

If there was a problem with configuration should the error be permanent/continuous ?

The DNS zones are hosted in our server (Cloudflare partners)


Your website link ?

Hi Neeraj0001

here are some:



Reachable without problem

Also reachable without problem

Can you provide steps on how to re-create the error?

Sorry wrong url: https://www.doctoranytime.com.ar

As I wrote the problem is that the error is not happening all the time. It’s occasional/random. So I cannot recreate it. I’ve read the proposed fix but if this was the case (which it isn’t, I’ve checked) the error would be permanent (until someone fixes the settings). Wouldn’t it?

I know that.

I asked if specific steps can be taken to re-generate the error!

Also, have you checked out the embedded community tip I posted? (If not, it is embedded below)

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