Object detection in Cloudflare Edgeworker

I am trying to implement a ML use case using Cloudflare.
Any library which I can use for Object detection or similar functionality, works well in Cloudflare ?
I have tried tensorflow. I was able to publish my app but getting error while loading the model.
Below is the error :

Error when getting WebGL context: error
Error when getting WebGL context: error
Initialization of backend webgl failed
Error: WebGL is not supported on this device
at new Ki (worker.js:8367:455)
at Object.factory (worker.js:8400:66)
at y.initializeBackend (worker.js:709:2890)
at y.initializeBackendsAndReturnBest (worker.js:709:4247)
at get backend [as backend] (worker.js:709:1351)
at y.makeTensor (worker.js:709:8554)
at o (worker.js:1198:925)
at s (worker.js:1468:62)
at Module.u (worker.js:1028:3410)
at ln.loadSync (worker.js:11991:1542)
Error: Worker exceeded CPU time limit. at line 0, col -2

Workers have 10ms of CPU time on the free plan, 50ms on the paid Bundled plan and up to 30 seconds on the paid Unbound plan - as well as 128MB of memory.

I’m not entirely sure if you’re going to get any sort of ML model running with those resource restrictions.