OAuth2 Failure

I am receiving the following error when attempting to obtain an access token while developing a Cloudflare App in the App Creator:

A communication error occurred while contacting this app’s web service.

Unfortunately this error prevents installing at this time. While some communication issues automatically resolve themselves, we’ve notified the app developer that this has error occured.

The cloudflare_app web service has responded with an error message:

There was an error communicating with Project Honey Pot.

Please contact us if you continue to see this message.

The error occurs when attempting authentication via the object/account property. I am able to click on the rendered login link and continue logging in. When I am finished, a new icon appears next to the “login or register” button showing the service name which is then overlaid with a modal loading icon shortly before replacing the interface with the error message.

The message claims to have notified me but I didn’t receive anything via email; perhaps this is turned off in the creator.

What is the expected authorization response Cloudflare is processing? I do not see anything weird on my end (such as 500 errors). The auth code is an object encrypted as an 852-character hexadecimal string and the token endpoint returns a JSON response with the following fields:

  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "expires_in": 300,
  "access_token": /* JWT bearer token */,
  "refresh_token": /* 858-char hex string */

The access token itself defines alg as ‘RS256’ in the headers and uses a base58 ULID for the sub field. All other payload claims are standard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

It turns out the OAuth2 account service is working properly. This is a generic error not necessarily associated with account authorization. The format that I posted seems to be correct, so if that is the case and you’re still getting the message, make sure to test your account login without any hooks; just the account option.

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