O365 and hotmail mail problems

There is a very strange problem. Since we changed NS addresses, we cannot receive mail from hotmail and O365 servers. But we can get it from gmail servers. DNSSEC is disabled. domain name petek com took too long to propagate. Are we making a mistake somewhere?

You have DNSSEC problems. You will need to update the relevant records at your registrar. They most likely are currently set to those used by your previous DNS provider.

Our domain name is registered on network solution, nameservers point to Cloudflare. According to the article in the information you provided, we notified the network solutions team to enter the DS record. They said they were in for us. There are some changes in the dnsviz screen but I don’t know what it means. All I have to do now is wait?

Your DNSSEC is still invalid. If the report in the following community topic is accurate, you might need to transfer to a better registrar.

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