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A Cloudflare agent has enabled the O2O feature for me so that my website traffic goes through my zone first before reaching Shopify, so that the redirection rules (set in Cloudflare) can be triggered.

Only now I have to set up this O2O on my website, and the Cloudflare and Shopify documentation differs…

Here are my current records:

The Cloudflare documentation says I need to create/replace a CNAME with “berceaudesreves.com” as the name: screenshot in the next post as I’m limited to one media per post…

When Shopify says to keep the same default CNAME but add a “.” at the end of the “shops.myshopify.com.” (by default without a dot at the end) + to add an AAAA on an IPv6: screenshot in the next post as I’m limited to one media per post…

I don’t understand what I have to do, can anyone please advise?
Thank you very much in advance!

Cloudflare documentation on O2O configuration: image

Shopify documentation on O2O configuration:

I don’t think you can change the A/AAAA records to proxied in Cloudflare, so you should go with the CNAME variant, as in the Cloudflare documentation.

The dot at the end does not matter at all. Cloudflare automatically adds it, but in the dashboard you will always see it without the dot.

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Hey @Laudian,

Thanks for your answer!
Although I do not understand. As you can see on my current records I only have an A and CNAME, none are proxied:

Should I add AAAA and proxy the 3 of them? Just some of them? Should I change the CNAME name from “www” to my domain name berceaudesreves.com?

Thanks in advance!

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Can you explain what exactly you are trying to redirect?

The hostname where you want to do redirects needs to be proxied. I you want to redirect from www.example.com, then the www record needs to be proxied.

If you want to redirect from example.com, then the example.com record needs to be proxied.

Whether you use a CNAME or A/AAAA record for that does not matter, they both do the same.

The only problem with proxying your A record might be the reserved IP message behind it. You usually can’t proxy those with Cloudflare, so you might need to replace the A record with a CNAME as well.

@Laudian My website is hosted on Shopify, therefore the site is by default non-www (https://berceaudesreves.com/).

I added redirect rules (on some URLs with parameters within my website) into Cloudflare.
But the traffic goes directly to Shopify, without passing through my zone. Which is why I’m looking to direct traffic through my zone first, and then to Shopify.
Apparently I need to tinker the DNS records to do that… Like enable proxy on some records.

But I really don’t understand and know what to change. Would so much appreciate it if you could advise!

You will need to replace the A record with a CNAME record. The name stays the same (your domain), and you use the same content as for the other CNAME record (shops.myshopify.com).

The new CNAME record also needs to be proxied.

@Laudian Am I right in thinking that the configuration should be as follows?

Yes, that looks good to me.

If it doesn’t work, you can always re-create the A record, but I think that is how it should be.

@Laudian it actually doesn’t work…

That error should mean that O2O is not enabled for your account then.

Does your shop still work when it is not proxied?

The shop works but the traffic goes directly to Shopify without passing through my zone (and thus the redirect rules…)

I should also note it has been confirmed by @smarsh (from the Cloudflare team) that O2O has been enabled on my account.

The error clearly indicates otherwise.

Can you check if you can proxy the www record? I’m not familiar with the process, might be that O2O is activated for individual records rather than the whole account.

It doesn’t work neither, so the O2O may not be enabled…

@smarsh could you please check? It apparently didn’t work.

Hi @KianNH @cloonan,

I’ve read several threads where you interact with O2O issues on Shopify… I’d like to ask you what you think about this problem?

I can’t add a CNAME proxied to shops.myshopify.com (which is recommended in Cloudflare’s document for O2O Shopify…) even though @ smarsh confirmed that the feature had been activated on my account…

I’d also like to tag you @domjh @Erisa because I’ve also seen you interact with this type of problem.

Please don’t tag random people. As @Laudian mentioned, this looks like O2O to Shopify is not enabled for you so you will need to follow up via whatever path you got it enabled through.


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