O número de pesquisas em seu registro SPF

Bom dia pessoal, o que seria esse erro:

O número de pesquisas em seu registro SPF excede o limite permitido de 10. Isso resultará na falha da autenticação SPF dos emails. Revisar registro.

You can have up to 10 mechanisms in the whole chain of your SPF record that requires DNS lookups, this means such as e.g. include, a, mx, exists, et al.

With your SPF, you tell validators to include _spf.locaweb.com.br and bulldeskmail.com.br in their decision.

By doing so, you’re also depending on both locaweb.com.br and bulldeskmail.com.br to not mess up with their SPF records.

Locaweb does for example reference quite a bit, in their chain, when you follow their SPF:

Since Locaweb’s include:_spf.locaweb.com.br is providing further references to e.g. include:_spf2.locaweb.com.br, include:_spf3.locaweb.com.br and include:_spf4.locaweb.com.br, you have quite some mechanism (that requires DNS lookups) there.

And then, taking for example include:_spf4.locaweb.com.br, that one is providing several other references: include:spf.emailsignatures365.com include:relay.mailchannels.net a:b.spf.service-now.com a:c.spf.service-now.com a:d.spf.service-now.com

Not only Locaweb, but also Bulldesk seems to be failing with their SPF:

include:bulldeskmail.com.br, is turning you towards a mx include:_spf.elasticemail.com

As for the a, since bulldeskmail.com.br does not have any A or AAAA record(s) in their DNS, that one turns to a void lookup, and that a is totally useless, in their SPF.

As for the mx, since MX records typically reference inbound mails servers only, which it also appears Bulldesk is doing there, with pointing their MX to mx.inbound.elasticemail.com, it sounds to be an inbound only mail server, which makes mx become totally useless for their SPF record, as well.

Bulkdesk is also referencing include:_spf.elasticemail.com, which is then referencing another SPF (macro), with exists:%{i}._spf.elasticemail.info

All these things together, makes your SPF that rely on them, become broken, as the total number of DNS lookups to fetch your SPF (and theirs) together, goes above 10.

→ Can you fix it?

No. Fixing it would require assistance from both Locaweb and Bulldesk.

→ Can you make workarounds?


But these workarounds would be fragile, and would break without any prior notice, if Locaweb and/or Bulldesk decided to make some changes to their infrastructure.

→ What would I recommend?

I would recommend you to contact both Locaweb, and Bulldesk, and ask them respectively, whether include:_spf.locaweb.com.br and include:bulldeskmail.com.br are their official (and correct) way to include their mail servers to send email messages on your behalf.

It seems like the SPF for Locaweb is the correct one, which would then mean that they have some work to do.

Locaweb’s include:_spf4.locaweb.com.br is the worst offender, regarding this issue.

For Bulldesk, I can’t find any apparent official reference, that points towards using include:bulldeskmail.com.br, so the contact option would probably be useful there.

That way, you can also notify them that they are doing certain things incorrectly (re: a, and mx above) in their current set up, which could be done by notifying them about this thread.

Although I don’t know Portuguese, I still hope that the above (even with a translator) will be useful to you, regarding explaining the underlying issue.

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