NXDomain Issue after Transferring Name Servers to Cloudflare

I recently transferred my domain to Cloudflare with Name Servers managed by Cloudflare too. The domain was originally hosted on Google Domains (not sure if my terminology is correct here)

I domain has been NS-managed by Cloudflare for a good 6-8 weeks now, and we’re still seeing a large portion of our requests with a NXDomain response. I read in the documentation that this is normal in an initial ‘settling’ period after transfer, but should fall away.

Not sure if I have done something incorrectly in setup, nor what info is needed for you guys to give me the best advice. Excuse the noob post.

I did a bit more digging and got this from a DNS testing service:


Some share of nxdomain errors is to be expected due to bots trying non existent subdomains.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your setup.

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