NXDOMAIN but did not search

My site ozgalore.com was actually working perfectly alright the first time I added it but after I moved the nameservers for update reasons and after a couple of months decided to move it back to Cloudflare, my site has been down for nearly 48 hours. I understand site propogation takes upto 72 hours but does that mean your site could be down for such a long period?
I am worried this might affect my SEO ranking.

You need to log into your Cloudflare dashboard and select +Add a site if you want to use Cloudflare, atm your nameservers appear to be switching to cf, but you purged the zone from your account.

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I tried +Add a site but it shows my domain as invalid. It simply doesn’t allow me to add my domain name to Cloudflare.

I pressume that I switch back to wordpress nameservers, try “+Add a site” first and once done. I change nameservers on my host. What are you thoughts on this?

yes, you do not want to change nameservers until the zone shows as pending in your account. Doing so early or purging without switching ns back leave the site open to takeover by bad actors.

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No worries, thank you. I am on it and will fix it immediately.

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