Nuxt3 app on netlify breaks when cloudflare is enabled

I don’t even know how to explain.
But my website hosted on netlify renders weirdly when Cloudflare is enabled.

When accessing directly the link, the stuff inside nuxt/vue does not trigger properly , and visually it stays in a forever loading state. IF I enable Developer Mode, everything works fine.

I checked for differences in the 2 modes, no network or console errors. I purged cache, rebuilt etc… I really don’t know what breaks inside the app during Cloudflare layer. I also tested with 5 different nuxt versions down to 2022 versions. It drives me crazy.

Forgot to mention I also reverted cloudflare settings to as bare as possible. No caching rules, not plugins, nothing.

WELL… It was from the Auto Minify of HTML

Hope it helps someone else as well. It’s been 2weeks on this god damn bug.

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