Nuxt 3 deploy error: a2.defineComponent is not a function

I am using Nuxt 3 in SSR mode, and whenever I try and deploy to either pages or workers, I hit the same error:

A request to the Cloudflare API (/accounts/a181d74bf534ed4dae86272a432541f4/workers/scripts/yond) failed.
Uncaught TypeError: a2.defineComponent is not a function
at worker.js:26545:21
at worker.js:26610:8
at worker.js:26611:6
at worker.js:32635:4
at worker.js:32636:3

[code: 10021]

I am guessing that this is a reference to vue.defineComponent, so I have set vue v3 as an explicit dependancy, although it should also be included in the nuxt package, but this didn’t help.

Has anyone managed to deploy with this stack? Am I missing something?