Nuxt 2 Yarn start command


Exists a way to run a NuxtJs 2 app with SSR enabled on Cloudflare Pages?

I have tried to change the build command from “nuxt generate” to “nuxt build && nuxt start” but its not work.


Cloudflare Pages is a static site build generator, so no.

Some frameworks do offer Cloudflare integrations that create a Worker that allows for functions to run, but it’s not as simple as changing the build command, and it’s framework specific.

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Thanks, @matteo .

But its possible to run it on Cloudflare Workers with SSR enabled ?

Pages Functions are Workers, so no. Same limitations apply. SSR in some frameworks does work, if the framework supports it.

For reference, Nuxt 3 supports SSR on edge. Nuxt 2 does not.

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