Numerous Websites down. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp,

There is massive Internet outage happening right now.
Check the reports here:
Can someone, like someone from Cloudflare explain what’s happening?

Edit: I know, those website have nothing to do with Cloudflare. I was just curious, if Cloudflare has some insights what’s happening for us.

Thank you Cloudflare!

  1. Those sites aren’t using Cloudflare, so you won’t get much of an explanation here.
  2. Speedtest is working, but the Facebook ones do seem broken. Again, this isn’t Cloudflare-related.

I expect you will get some insights shortly from @jgc, follow him on Twitter to get updates.

(I love how lots of the comments to Facebooks comms people on Twitter is along the lines of “the world is a bit better right now”)


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