Number of requests on Worker?

At 11:59PM Tuesday (UTC) I clicked on Workers → Manage Workers and took a screenshot. On the left my worker said it had 97.1K requests (Last 24 hrs) and median CPU time of .9 ms. But on the right it said 12:00AM Tuesday (UTC) - 11:59PM Tuesday (UTC) Requests today 49,601/100,000.

The one on the right seems to be the number of worker requests I have used of my total 100,000 for the current day per the free plan. But what does the number on the left mean? I know it isn’t the number of subrequests because if I go to Analytics->Workers it says 49,000 subrequests.

Subrequests are with a no-op Worker (a Worker that simply proxies traffic by passing on the original client request to the origin and proxying the response) running on a particular route, the request to the origin is counted as a “subrequest”, separate from initial client to edge request.

Why does it say my Worker is using 97K requests in the last 24 hours? This number usually hovers around 100K. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I know it’s not the # of worker requests I have / 100,000 with the free plan because that number is different (around 50K-80K)