Number of Domains


Is there a number of domains you can add to Cloudflare according the plans you choose? What is the maximum number of domains you can add? Is domain protection provided by Cloudflare or is there extra charge for domain protection?


There’s no hard limit on the number of domains you can have in an account. However, you need to fully activate them as you add them because there is a limit of how many pending domains you can have. “Pending” means that you’ve added them to Cloudflare but haven’t yet pointed the nameservers at Cloudflare. (This doesn’t apply if you buy the domains through Cloudflare because those are automatically set up for you with the correct nameservers.)

If you use Cloudflare as your registrar, they do lock your domain against unauthorized transfers. But if you mean “domain protection” like the stuff that Godaddy charges extra for, no, Cloudflare doesn’t have that.

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Thank you for your reply, so Cloudflare does not offer any domain protection? It only provides website protection?

Can you specify what you mean by “domain protection”? Cloudflare does lock your domains at no extra charge, but the thing Godaddy has where they hang onto the domains if your billing fails isn’t something Cloudflare has.


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