NS's not updating

Working on migrating one of my clients domain from one DNS host to another.

The domain is tbcbus. com. The current DNS host is Register. com, I’m trying to migrate them to Cloudflare where Cloudflare will be the new DNS host. Friday afternoon I changed the NS’s on Register. com to point to the NS’s that were given to me by Cloudflare (matt.ns.cloudflare. com and molly.ns.cloudflare. com). I made these changes on 5/3/2024 at 5 PM.

As of now the domain is still showing up as “Pending Nameserver Update” in Cloudflare. I’ve read a couple of posts here as well as done some general research and I don’t believe it’s a DNSSEC issue as I don’t see any documentation/ways to change DNSSEC within Register.com but I could be wrong. I’m rather new to this so any information is extremely helpful. Thank you!

It is a DNSSEC issue…

There was another poster earlier today who had the same (couldn’t find the DNSSEC setting at register.com) so you may need to contact them.

Hello sjr,

Thank you! I’ll be reaching out to them to resolve that if I can’t find the option to change it in their website.

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