Nslookup server failed after move to CF

good day, we just move a domain to CF, registrar change via auth code.
now every DNS query using “nslookup” or using or whatever fails with “server failed”.
Most of our services using CF are now in a failed mode, despite everything looks OK it’s not working - we tested on different browsers, from different countries on different operating systems etc.
It’s not possible to call CF, so that’s quite a giant issue that paid support is unavailable when business critical services are down.

Any hint? we’ have 35 domains here that work, why did this one fail? It’s a giant issue and zero help over the phone.


C:\Users\Admin>nslookup ourdomain.com
Server: one.one.one.one

*** one.one.one.one can’t find ourdomain.com: Server failed

So you changed Registrar and DNS Hosting at the same time?

Can you share the domain?

same time yes, is PM possible here for sharing the domain?

I’ve escalated for the next CSUP engineer to investigate.

You had DNSSEC enabled on your old Registrar and DNS Hosting provider, and as per the documentation, this should have been disabled prior to Transfer.

Support case number #2436940

% whois REDACTED.com | grep 'Registrar:' | head -1
   Registrar: CloudFlare, Inc.
% dig +short cds REDACTED.com @name.ns.cloudflare.com.
0 0 0 00
% dig +short ds REDACTED.com @a.gtld-servers.net
54321 13 2 ABCDE01234567890

Thanks, I’ve chased them every 15 minutes since - so far nothing has been fixed. I upgraded to business plan before starting the ticket you reference, yet 3hrs5min and nothing - it’s becoming a real problem and makes us reconsider CF since support is essentially SLO and unavailable on demand at any price. We asked if upgrading to enterprise would help, but it was a firm no.
So in essence we’re stuck with hope and zero options to escalate further even paying for it. Quite frankly that’s concerning despite we made the mistake, paid support should be an option.

So in the end it was fixed within a few minutes of US central time team showing up. Note to European and other customers working in time zones different than US central, you are unlikely to receive “advanced” support as this is only a select few people that work US time who can help. Plan accordingly if you make changes that could screw things up.

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