Nslookup says dns.google.com


More than 48 hours (closer to 60) after changing my nameservers, nslookup mydomain still says dns.google. Using returns:

Server: one.one.one.one
Name: mydomain

According to this guide, it should return the ones provided and expected by Cloudflare. My Cloudflare dashboard does say that my domain is active, however, as I’m having issues establishing a certificate on Traefik, I’m wondering if this could be my issue.


Are you talking about your domain’s nameservers or your local resolver?

Post a screenshot of what you are referring to.

Sure thing, attached image. Talking about my domain’s nameservers.

In that case the Google part you referred to is not relevant.

What’s the domain? is a Google nameserver. To ask the nameserver for a specific domain your query would be nslookup example.com ns where ns is the type of query (nameserver record) you are asking for.

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I see. I took the guide too literally. Thanks for the explanation.

The guide is correct, it simply suggests to check against Cloudflare’s or Google’s resolvers but that has nothing to do with your domain. The domain relevant part is what the resolver in question returns and if that is the correct Cloudflare addresses, you’ll have a proper setup.

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