Nslookup not returning the A record result

So I have a domain name pointing to a certain IP address via an A record.

I do an nslookup from the commend line and it’s pointing to some unknown IP address.

I’m pretty sure the nameservers have propogated and that my nslookup is querying Cloudflare.

Is that a 104 address?


yes it is

Additionally to what @cs-cf already posted

Okay, thanks for the info. I will read up and get educated on it.

The server is receiving the domain requests so everything is working. Some of the diagnostic tools at my service provider are a bit confused but that’s to be expected as it just shows that masking is working properly.


ps. I did try searching for this topic before posting but obviosly didn’t guess the search terms exactly right. Thanks for the link.

Dont forget to rewrite the client IP addresses, as otherwise only the connecting address - Cloudflare’s - will show up in your logs. For Apache you can use mod_remoteip.

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