Nslookup: No answer

The day before yesterday I’ve set bailey.ns.cloudflare.com and jihoon.ns.cloudflare.com for my t1.cx domain on the domain registrar Porkbun.

Today I get the following with nslookup t1.cx bailey.ns.cloudflare.com:

Server: bailey.ns.cloudflare.com
*** Can't find t1.cx: No answer

I’m new to Cloudflare, can you please tell me what I did wrong?
Thank you in advance!

The domain is correctly configured for these nameservers, but you don’t have any DNS records on Cloudflare. You need to add them.

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It is not so, have a look:

I created this entry the day before yesterday.

Delete the record, wait a couple of minutes, and then re-add it. Also, use @ as name.

Your domain was not active with another provider before who is also using Cloudflare, right?

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As @sandro said Adding another point to it

Also you need to trun on proxy If you turn off proxy Cloudflare will not protect website !

It actually seems as if your domain was not fully active on Cloudflare.

I’d point the domain to the original nameservers, remove the domain from Cloudflare, wait a day, and then re-add the domain again.

Thank you! Started this campaign :wink:

UPD A kind of magic: to force updates on Cloudflare DNS you should run the following command:

dig domain.tld +trace @

Don’t ask me how I got to this point :wink:

This will not update anything. But you don’t seem to have deleted the domain on Cloudflare and the domain is not configured for Cloudflare either.

I coud not delete both t1.cx and l8.fyi domains on Cloudflare for 10 days or more (CF NS servers were set on Porkbun all the time), but after this dig request they vanished from CF dashboard in a couple of minutes. Have not any ideas.

I’ve added l8.fyi and several additional domains again.

What do you mean? Adding @ and IP is not enough?

Many thanks for your help!

Why not? You did click the right button on the Overview screen, right?

You need to set the nameservers of the domain. The domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

I’ve set them, but I missed Check nameservers button – thanks a lot for pointing me on this!!!
All is OK now.