Nslookup & mxtoolbox does not return the mail server name

Please help me why when I turn on the proxy subdomain of my mail server (although I have created a ptr record, both in my panel and by the provider) but still mxtoolbox instead of the name mail.icri.ir from this half server _dc-mx. It uses 5d20ef2aaad2.icri.ir and also nslookup does not Reverse Resolve the name and IP.
Please help to solve this problem

Your mail server should not be proxied in the first place.

And yes, the record you mentioned will be shown on purpose in that case, so that you can still receive email.

Once more, keep everything mail related on :grey:.

So can you help me what should I do to solve the ssl problem for my mail server (my mail server is mdeamon under Windows Server 2019) because any type of certificate that I installed for it still does not work and in ssl test it shows this error Give

I am afraid server administration is beyond the scope of the forum here.

You’ll simply need a valid certificate for that hostname, check out letsencrypt.org.

I understand and for this reason I bought an official certificate from certum, but after registering it in the mail server and during the steps exactly according to the mail server document, but I still face the same error.
Can you advise on how mdeamon mail server works and this problem

As I mentioned, that is not exactly Cloudflare related and hence off-topic for the forum here. You best try at StackExchange or Reddit.

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