Nslookup is resolving but no DNS records exist for this domain

nslookup is resolving to Cloudflare IPs even though no DNS records exist for this domain. Wonder why that’s happening. Have tried clearing cache, doesn’t help.

C:>nslookup globalrising.com aldo.ns.cloudflare.com
Server: aldo.ns.cloudflare.com

Name: globalrising.com
Addresses: 2606:4700:3033::ac43:8e75


Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues, but I’ll be glad to assist you.

Upon checking the domain, we can see in your audit logs that the DNS records were deleted quite recently. There’s no set amount of time for propagation, but DNS typically propagates within a few hours. On occasion, it can take up to 72 hours.

Also, can you please confirm if you’ve already updated theDNS in your host provider?

We look forward to your reply.

I updated DNS (Cloudflare nameservers) in my host provider on Friday 03/01/2024.

Hi @mpowerdeep

Please make sure that the DNS records you see at your hosting provider is also created in your Cloudflare account. This should solve the issue you see.

Hi, There are no DNS records anywhere. This domain has been transferred to Cloudflare. The nameserver for globalrising.com is Cloudflare.

Cloudflare might be your registrar and we hold the nameservers, but Cloudflare is not your hosting provider, so you will need to add the DNS records given at your hosting provider, to your Cloudflare account.

Where has your website been uploaded to?

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