Nslookup answer with REFUSED for my nameservers

Hi people,

I tried to change my nameservers to my new account in cloudflare:

But when I try to change on registro.br, they are refusing:

nslookup dutrafelix.adv.br norm.ns.cloudflare.com

Server: norm.ns.cloudflare.com

Address: 2803:f800:50::6ca2:c186#53

** server can't find dutrafelix.adv.br: REFUSED

nslookup dutrafelix.adv.br kimora.ns.cloudflare.com

Server: kimora.ns.cloudflare.com

Address: 2803:f800:50::6ca2:c2f3#53

** server can't find dutrafelix.adv.br: REFUSED

My old account has following nameservers:

These nameservers are ACCEPTING:

nslookup dutrafelix.adv.br anna.ns.cloudflare.com  
Server:		anna.ns.cloudflare.com
Address:	2803:f800:50::6ca2:c066#53

*** Can't find dutrafelix.adv.br: No answer

nslookup dutrafelix.adv.br ed.ns.cloudflare.com  
Server:		ed.ns.cloudflare.com
Address:	2803:f800:50::6ca2:c16f#53

*** Can't find dutrafelix.adv.br: No answer 

I already removed dutrafelix.adv.br from old account, but I can’t change to new account, with nameservers kimora and norm.

I opened a support ticket 3 days ago and no response.

What’s the problem?? I would like to concentrate all my domains in that new account, and only this one have problem.

Sorry my english,


When did you do that? Cloudflare should eventually drop the domain from the old nameservers, at which it is supposed to go live with the new ones.

Make sure you didn’t get just an automated response which closed your ticket. If necessary reply to the ticket and tell them you still have the issue.

Also, post the ticket number here on the forum -> @cloonan

Ticket: #1999501

I changed about 2 weeks ago.

But cloudflare still accept Ed and Anna, and refuse Kimora and Norm

Thank you for help

You changed? Do you mean you removed the domain from that other account? If not, the nameservers will never change.

Yes, I removed.

In that case two weeks should be enough for the domain to be dropped by the nameservers too.

I am afraid only support can fix that for you, maybe @cloonan can push it -> 1999501

Also tagging @ryan and @dpolaske. The domain needs purging from the nameservers.

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