NSComparTest Failed with dns-check.nic.it Test Tool

In order to complete the nameserver setup I am going to replace the old nameservers with Cloudflares name server , respectively the NS will be molly.ns.Cloudflare.com and norm.ns.Cloudflare.com .
I asked my registrar to do the change but they answered that it was not feasible because, using the tool before mentioned the tool says that in this configuration there is an error , I mean that the NSCompareTest FAILED.
The tool suggest that Cloudflare should propose different NS record as those contained in the zone file.
As an alternative please report me the correct Cloudflare name servers to replace with.
Thank you for your help (I have seen in the community this kind of issue but no-one says as it was resolved!

We are talking about an .it domain, right?

Welcome to the NS-verification-by-registry ■■■■ :wink:

First of all, that issue has been discussed a million times already, so please use the search.

Secondly, I guess your domain is already active on some other Cloudflare account. Either use that account or contact either of the involved parties (registry or CF) to have them skip the verification.

It is .it domain. I have seen three discussion about this issue in this community but no-one of them report the final solution. Perhaps I had Cloudflare some years ago , but with a different registrar. Do you mean that the old definition is still there ? My new registrar says that they cannot bypass this control, that’s mean that they cannot proceed without this successful validation. So can Cloudflare solve this problem ? Too whom should I ask ? I have opened a ticket but no answer for now.

If you can, use the old account, the domain is most likely still associated with it. If you cant, you will have to switch nameservers, but Cloudflare will only validate the account once the new nameservers are set and nic.it won’t set the new nameservers as long as Cloudflare still announces the previous ones.

One of them (nic.it or CF) has to break that loop. Whom you contact is up to you, either nic.it or Cloudflare.

So, if I have intended , I should use iris.ns.Cloudflare. com and matt.ns.Cloudflare.com instead of the two suggested by Cloudflare in the setup guide (that were molly.ns.Cloudflare. com., norm.ns.Cloudflare.com).
In this casa I can contact my registrar and give this order. Right ?
But as far as I intended also Cloudflare should change to these new nameservers ?
Right ?

I’d assume molly and norman are the two nameservers allocated to your new account, is that right? If so, these are the ones you should be using.

iris and matt would be the nameservers of the other account to which your domain is currently tied and which are announced by Cloudflare for that reason. That announcement is also the reason why nic.it freaks out and prevents you from assigning the new nameservers, because Cloudflare currently announce iris and matt and will announce the new nameservers only after you have changed it. Chicken/egg situation.

There are three options

  1. Sign up for e.g. https://dns.he.net/, change your nameservers temporarily to their servers, wait until Cloudflare drops the domain from the other account and does not announce iris and matt any more, then set molly and norman, which should be accepted at that point.
  2. Convince your registrar or nic.it to forcibly set molly and norman.
  3. Convince Cloudflare to drop their current announcement. That might involve some ownership verification.

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