NSA information requests

Dear provider:

An additional question on this topic: GDPR compliant now that US Privacy Shield isn't?

Whats your policy on law enforcement and foreign intelligence authorities requests?

If you receive a request asking for information processed by you in the framework of the services provided to our company, would you deliver the information requested or would you comply the GDPR obligations first?

Many thanks.

You’re asking this on Cloudflare’s community forums, so any answers you receive here are going to be speculative and non-authoritative. If you have legitimate legal concerns, you should consult a lawyer, who would presumably be able to provide better advice or get in touch with the appropriate people at Cloudflare.

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Cloudflare is a US company and fully subject to US laws. They do regularly issue a transparency report at https://www.cloudflare.com/transparency but you can still not rule out gag orders (yes, there are warrant canaries as well, but they could equally be part of a gag order).

Foreign intelligence services (by which I understand you mean non-US ones) might have a more difficult time but I’d still not rule that they can get access too, also because Cloudflare still needs to comply to local regulations in their PoP countries too.

If you have content which might of interest to US authorities, Cloudflare might not be necessarily your first go-to service. Though in that case most of the mainstream providers won’t be.

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