NS1 uses Cloudflare?

Todays incident with Cloudflare took a lot of websites down, things like this happen and for a free service, Cloudflare does a BRILLIANT job!

Now the funny thing about todays downtime is that I have noticed NS1 uses Cloudflare as their DNS service? Quite ironic for a DNS provider to use a competitors DNS service, do they not trust their own? rolls eyes

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They are using Cloudflare to protect their website.
Either they are CF partner, or just don’t want to rely on their own services in case of a major outage or attack to stay reachable.

Sure it looks weird to end customers but makes sense from technical point of view. And I am sure you wouldn’t have noticed this without the ‘502’ incident.

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Also, Cloudflare offers more than just DNS. So nothing wrong with that choice.

NS1 is an awesome company. They use their own DNS service though:

dig ns1.com ns +short

Enterprise customer by any chance? :smile:

Maybe, but they seem to run their own NS as their NS1 isn’t being answered from a Cloudflare location.

They do and their nameservers are registered in their name. I was trying to make another point though :wink:

Not sure. Not mine if they are. I really do admire what I see/hear from them as a company. The DNS space is large enough for lots of companies/competition. If all of them were as good as NS1 the Internet would be a much better place.

It’s a strange setup, they do seem to be on Cloudflare, but the DNS reply is not a CNAME needed with the CNAME setup. Could be that it’s doing some flattening on their DNS edge.

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