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Hello all,

I have 3 domains with extension .it, .de and .nl where I can’t update the nameserver. My registrar told me that there is an error in the actual settings of the domain DNS and told me to check with zonecheck.org
When I do so I can see that my domain has a fatal error :
-does not support EDNS

Without correcting that I can’t modify my nameserver.
Can anyone help on that ?

Thanks in advance


Arent all these TLDs where the registry attempts to validate the nameservers?

Which domains are we talking about?


I got the same warning

but I somewhat question the entire tool. For example, it claims the nameservers do not listen on port 53 which they do, both TCP and UDP.

So my assumption would be your issues are because of something else, possibly because of the registries’ attempt to validate the nameservers.


I don’t know but the registrar told me that it was the cause of the problem.
Domain name that does not work for ie : migliori-offerte-internet.it



Cloudflare supports EDNS.

Among other things, it’s required for DNSSEC, which Cloudflare of course supports.

Maybe you could point out that Cloudflare passes ednscomp and DNSViz.

Or that the errors saying IPv6 doesn’t work can be easily proved to be wrong (in general).

Or that using “ZoneCheck” to test a zone like zdns.google, a DNSSEC-signed domain hosted by Google, also says that most of the IPs time out and that EDNS is not supported.


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