NS setting changes on one account

I need some help, please.
I found there are two different domains on one Cloudflare account. But I did not set them. It seemed that they were changed by Cloudflare. I just would like to know WHY?
I would appreciate any help if someone can give me.

Two domains? Changed?

It is not quite clear what the issue is. Are you saying your account has been compromised and someone added domains?

No. There are two different NS in one account. It should only has one, right?

Always two. If one fails (that’s yet to happen to me), the other one is a backup.

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Most registries have the requirement of two (or actually even more) nameservers.

So no, you do need these two.

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:wave: @donnaarchibaldmmm,

Are you saying that one domain has a different nameserver pair from other domains in your account? That is fine, there is no guarantee that you will always receive the same nameserver pair for your domains when added to Cloudflare and the pair assigned to a given domain by Cloudflare have no impact upon the operation of DNS.

— OG

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