NS server listed not Cloudflare but all DNS records point to Cloudfare


I have moved / registered Cloudflare DNS servers for my 4 domains. Cloudflare appears as my DNS servers when using public tools such as MXToolbox. eg . "Your DNS hosting provider is “Cloudflare” - mxtoolbox

– but the NS record that is displayed under Cloudfare’s portal DNS page are my old name severs that I migrated from eg. not theo ns cloudfare com. When I try to change a DNS record it does not propagate. If I try and change the NS record on the Cloudflare web interface I get the error: Content for NS record is invalid. NS records at the apex must not overwrite the assigned nameservers. (Code:9221).

Any help? Thanks

Without knowing the domain, it’s hard to check, but it sounds like you have stray NS records in your DNS config that shouldn’t be there. If you’re properly set up on Cloudflare, you should have no visible NS records in your domain’s list of DNS entries. They should only be beneath the list, under a separate heading for “Cloudflare Nameservers”.

If you have any NS records in your list of entries, just delete them. If you’re not sure about it, please either share the domain name or a screenshot of your DNS page in the Cloudflare dashboard.

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Great - thanks for the explanation - makes sense to me now that these were just part of the import when I migrated.

I created a CNAME record some time ago using the Crowdstrike portal
for domain mimilng.com.au but cannot see this on any other DNS test sites? Any ideas ?

I’d never heard of Crowdstrike until right now, but your domain’s authoritative DNS is Cloudflare, and it’s working properly, so any records you want to add need to be added here.

Thanks for your help - all good now

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