NS reset, CloudFlare Registrar

Your system detected a problem.

We have found that:

  • The authoritative nameservers for ### are set incorrectly. For Cloudflare to activate, your domain registrar must point to the two nameservers provided by Cloudflare as the authoritative servers. Set your authoritative nameservers in your registrar’s admin panel (contact your registrar for support). Review changing your nameservers.

My ticket #2284898.

CloudFlare is my registrar, i’m asking about reset my NS. My old registrar transferred domain wrong.

Hi @user2346,

What’s the domain?


I can confirm the issue and I’m escalating your ticket to get this looked at.


Did you get the problem fixed?


I am a part of the Cloudflare Support Team. Domj let us know of your ticket, and our team has opened an internal ticket to get the NS values cleared up. We will provide updates to you via the ticket.

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