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I set up my cf account which shows as “active” but I don’t have name servers for my host. Not sure if I missed them when I set up or what but I don’t have the name.ns.cloudflre.com to add to the origin server. Where should I get it now that the account is already created?

Cloudflare will assign you two name servers. If you set up your account here, they will be listed at the bottom of your DNS page. Those are the two you need to set at your domain registrar to complete the Cloudflare setup. You do not have to worry about your host’s name servers.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I set it up directly through CF but have a hosted VPS account with Bluehost. But I haven’t seen the two name servers from CF, on my DNS page it sends me back to bluehost. I just need the names that go with the NSs I know where they go on bluehost.

It sounds like you’re using a partner setup with Bluehost. What’s the domain?

That’s correct. www.maryswatch.com

In that case, all your DNS settings are handled by Bluehost.

Is something not working?

I don’t have the full name server from CF

You’re not going to. You’re using BlueHost’s partner setup. And your site works.

Don’t worry about the DS warning, as that’s also DNS…which is at BlueHost.

Ok. That helps me, I can tell it’s active but so many places kept telling me I needed to change them. And after running the tests, I didn’t know what to think.

Thank you very much, be safe.

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One more thing! Do I need the A record with Bluehost to point to the CF iP?

Nope. Bluehost has everything taken care of for DNS.

Thank You!

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