NS records pointing to AWS Route53

We have Gandi as our registrar. We set out NS to Cloudflare. We created our MX and SOA records in Cloudflare. Someone also added 4 NS records into the Cloudflare DNS records for the domain, and created a AWS Hosted zone in order to get 4 NS servers to put into the Cloudflare DNS records for this domain. I deleted the AWS hosted Zone thinking that it didn’t make sense to have multiple NS providers, or to have two levels of indirection. Why would someone set it up this way?

If we want to add subdomains, we can just add them in Cloudflare, correct ?

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Perhaps they wanted to allow another team to have access to a particular subdomain without allowing that team access to the Cloudflare DNS.

If you know who added those records, it might be worth having a strategy meeting with that party to learn the reason.


Epic, Thank you for your insight. That makes sense.
If we have two providers for Name servers / DNS, how do they interact or conflict within the global DNS?
Do we need to have only one SOA record, or are two ok? How about the MX records?

Many thanks!

This Cloudflare article explaining DNS zones may answer your questions.

I strongly reccomend that anyone considering managing DNS first read DNS And BIND at least once.

Zytrax also has an extensive online reference.

I am suggesting comprehensive resources because there is far more knowledge required than answering a question or two can provide.

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