NS Records not visible to all

Adjusted 3 domains yesterday to be hosted with cloudflare, made sure all records were accounted for. However the biggest of the 3 (and of course the most important) had issues. It seemed that only a select portion of the internet new about the new records, the rest could not see it. The original records and hosting still had the zones intact for cache purposes. We eventually revered back. Weird part, I could query the new NS servers for the zones perfect, but when I went to, it had no idea what to do with the requests.

put a critical support ticket in but silence…


Without knowing the domain… you likely have DNSSEC records in place at your registrar which need to be removed and be allowed to expire from cache before changing the nameservers


To be honest that didnt even enter my mind. Havent done much DNSSEC, mostly due to some of my previous providers didnt offer it. Just ran the domain by dnsviz and you are spot on.


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