NS Records not updating

NS records not propagating


I’ve bought a domain on Cloudflare registrar, then under DNS settings, added 3 NS records (ns1-ns3 dot digitalocean dot com) however when checking on sites like dnspropagation dot net
the NS records are:
camilo Dot ns Dot Cloudflare Dot com
ursula Dot ns Dot Cloudflare Dot com

The domain name is rehearmecdn dot com.

I’ve waited about 5 hours and nothing. I added a test TXT record which showed straight away, so I’m not sure why the NS records aren’t.

I did try pausing Cloudflare on the site, which didn’t do anything, and if I remove Cloudflare on the site, I can’t even manage DNS settings for the site.

If what you’re trying to accomplish is using Digital Ocean DNS service, you can’t do that with a domain registered with Cloudflare. Domains registered with Cloudflare must use Cloudflare’s DNS service.

You can of course point your DNS to Digital Ocean hosting, but adding NS records isn’t how you do that (anywhere, not just here).

Thanks you that.

I’m trying to use the domain and attach it to Digital Ocean’s spaces service, in which you can give it a domain name, it’ll use let’s encrypt for SSL certificates and you can then use the domain name for the Space’s CDN. However to do that, I have to point to their DNS records. They have instructions on their site for various registrars such as Google Domains, GoDaddy etc, and I found it odd they didn’t have any for Cloudflare. I guess this is why.

I’ve submitted a request to cancel the order and refund, so I can purchase it again using Google Domains. I can’t transfer the domain directly to them as it was purchased in the past 60 days.

Do you see any problem with using Google Domains for this? Thanks i40west

I am unfamiliar with the Digital Ocean Spaces product, but looking over the documentation, I see no requirement that you be using their authoritative nameservers. But, their automatic CDN setup (much like Cloudflare’s) will only work if you are using their nameservers. You apparently can, however, use a custom domain with DNS at Cloudflare with it by manually creating the necessary CNAME.

I found this thread about setting it up with Cloudflare on their site.

If you would rather use their automatic setup you would need to not have the domain registered at Cloudflare. The reason Cloudflare’s registry is cheaper than anyone else is that they offer it at cost, as an added benefit to people using their other services–on the condition that you are, in fact, using their DNS service.

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