NS Records not propagating?

I’m having an issue with my domain.
I’ve added correct NS and A records, but the NS record is not getting propagated at all.

My config is:
domain.x A my.website.ip
www A my.website.ip
ns1 A my.website.ip
update NS ns1.my.website.ip

Usually that worked and around minutes it was fully propagated, why it doesn’t now?

That’s a Bit Confusing

Can you please Share the Domain ?

I’d Appreciate if you Send a Screenshot Hiding the IP Address

If the domain name is registered at Cloudflare Registrar, unfortunately, currently you cannot change the nameservers if you use Cloudflare as a domain registrar. Currently, Cloudflare Registrar only lets you use Cloudflare name servers.

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The domain is h3g.lt

This my config:

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A little note.

Nope, i registered the domain with another service and used Cloudflare’s Nameservers.

Usually that was working with all my domains i manage for work, but this time is not.

As you can see here it’s not working:

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So do you want to create a Subdomain ?

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yeah, but this way it always worked, i don’t understand why it’s not at the moment.

You need to add update in the Name and Ip Address in the Content .

If you add h3g.it in name its points to h3g.it.h3g.it

If you need update.h3g.it

So add update in the name and Ip address in the Content

Try this and revert back

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Sorry but what’s the difference from my config?
Maybe i misunderstood your explaination.

Can you elaborate more? It’s early morning and I’m not fully “brainly” active :laughing:

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What subdomain you need add it in Name , Not the website name

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that’s what i’ve already did.

update.h3g.lt, is the future subdomain.

if i put fully, it translates to update only in Name part.

The thing i’m not getting is why it’s not propagating at all.

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You need to add a A Record not a Nameserver

You are Adding a Nameserver Record which was identified the screenshot you shared

Like this shown in the picture

Did your host told to Add a Nameserver Record ?

It looks good from here, but your new name server is not responding to DNS requests at all.


But it looks like you are making changes now, so difficult to see in a consistent state.


Yeah sorry about that

i’m trying to understan if the issue is with me or CF.

If I try to do a nslookup on such hostname, update one, it never resolves :confused:

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I already done that, but i was asked to do it in this way.

NS1 with an A record to my server IP,
then use an NS record called update to point to ns1.h3g.lt

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Oh , But why ? Generally in most web-host providers tell to add A Record only ,

How is your web-host provider ?

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I have no idea, they just told me.
I think is to make some NS lookups to work?
But the issue here is that it’s not propagating and i wonder why.
I mean, i’ve already done similar setups on Cloudflare and they worked, this time no.

I think my config is correct, even if it was enough to use an A Record.

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Any setup i’m trying with NS records, just breaks

Is it possible for CF to check their NS thing from DNS ?

A, AAAA, CNAME work, but not the NS one.

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No , Once you have Connected it to Cloudflare you cant the Nameserver’s

I’m having same issues

seems DNS options/managing is kinda broken somehow?

I mean, seems NS records are broken.

Once you have Connected it to Cloudflare you cant the Nameserver’s