NS records did not propogate (other domains did)

All other domains have propagated more than 48 hours ago. DNS records are added in the same way as the other domains which are working. This is not publishing and I can’t figure out why. Please help

What’s the domain?


Apologies, not sure how I left that out.
The domain is: g-x-gonnex dot com

The apex domain g-x-gonnex.com redirects to https://www.cyberaktive.gxconnex.com/ and works fine from my end.

Note that if you’re testing the subdomain www.g-x-gonnex.com, it wouldn’t work because you’ve not created any A or CNAME record for it.

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Thank you for taking a look. Neither the www version or the non-www redirects for me. I have tested in incognito as well. Could it be a caching issue on my computer?

Thanks for the advice on the CNAME or A Record. The DNS records copied over automatically for me when I change the nameservers from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

Would you happen to know what A or CNAME record I would need to add?

Thank you again

Hello, just following up for some help.
Do you have any idea how I can find out the CNAME or A Record to add in order to make the subdomain (www) version of the site redirect?

Thank you

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