NS records are not detecting by Cloudflare

I have added 2 NS records as per cloudflare.

And GoDaddy not allowing to delete default NS records. Its more than 48 hrs and still NS records are not updated by Cloudflare

Any idea?

You do have to drop any other nameservers and your registrar will allow that. Contact them if there is anything unclear.

For anything else, post the domain.

Previously I have deleted defualt NS for other domain. This looks like new change form Godaddy side.

Please check below screenshot for reference.

You need to clarify this with your registrar. You must not set any other nameservers than those assigned.

Screenshot from 2023-07-25 15-53-13

I feel it is issue with Cloudflare. It should detect NS if we set required once. I’m not sure how NS words if two NS configured though.
And I don’t think GoDaddy will change because I want to use cloudflare.

It is strange that Cloudflare is not allowing to raise ticket for FREE plan! if we don’t get start with Cloudflare how they are expecting us to upgrade plan!

Anyway I look for other alternative services/solution!

Again, as long as you have other nameservers, your domain will not verify.

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Raising a ticket with Cloudflare would do nothing other than waste your time and Cloudflare’s. Your problem is one that can only be solved by you.

You must change the assigned nameservers in the domain registration details in your GoDaddy dashboard. You are not in the correct section of the GoDaddy site. You are in their DNS app attempting to change the nameservers in your DNS zone. That is the wrong place altogether. You need to be in the domain registration management.

You need to change the assigned nameservers in the domain registration details. Pay extra attention to Step 4 in this GoDaddy guide.

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