NS Records and Domain names

We are looking too migrate a large client onto the Cloudflare platform. Currently we use Imperva as our Primary supplier.

I have x2 questions if I may which I have been struggling to find answers for:

  1. Does Cloudflare need to have NS records dedicated for a Domain / Sub-domain? Our client maybe reluctant to change NS records as we only have ever asked for A and CNAME records to be setup for Imperva.

  2. Is it possible to have for example, examplesite.co.uk and examplesite.com (currently sharing a SAN SSL cert - identical skinned sites) setup as one entry in Cloudflare… or do we need x2 separate sites for this?

Thanks for your help.

In my honnest opinion, (and only just that) I would change to a free full NS cloudflare for both your sites.

That means you allways have to change DNS settings in cloudflare, but you can have everything else in your favorite registrar. (If cloudflare supports your .tld I would change that too, as a .com renovation is with a wholesale price in cloudflare)

The free Full SSL Universal we have in cloudflare is a good enough answer for ssl certificates, in all your domains, but i believe you can use your own SSL certificate as well.

Thanks for your response. The issue we have is the Client owns the Domains in question as well as provides us the SSL certs to use and run the Application/Platform via our Servers/Infrastructure.
So the minimal requests / ask of our client the better as they are a Financial provider so strict rules and regulations.

The Business Plan allows ‘cname setup’:


which allows you to keep your authoritative nameservers away form Cloudflare. This level also allows custom SSL so you can use a cert across .com and .co.uk.

However, Cloudflare works at a domain name level, nothing to do with hosting per se and so yes, you do need to create entities for both.

I know you’re working with what you’ve got but a full move of DNS to Cloudflare greatly improves the experience here.

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